My Tuesday Morning :)

I love watching the rains more than I love rains. There is a slight difference in experience and the feeling…

I woke up to rains this morning,  quickly went through my morning ablutions, made me a cup of strong instant coffee and sat down at the table by the window, to enjoy the rains.. now, this is an amazing feeling, this watching the rains while I am perched at a very dry place.. did I just say perched 🙂 In my mind, I almost feel like a bird then.. sitting on one of the top floors and looking down or looking across.. I can see more branches and leaves, and the birds than people and roads…. sitting here, the rain does not touch me in any way, physically at least, (though my mind is dancing to its pitterpatter rhythms) I don’t get wet, but I have a bird’s eye view of the birds getting wet, trying to fly faster towards a dry place, preening their wet self, or just sitting cuddled with a group of their flock in a tiny little space they could find above a balcony roof or on a grill warming themselves, and waiting for the rains to stop.

I don’t think I’ll be this blissfully happy if I had to be somewhere outside and it rained! like these birds, they would have been on their way somewhere.. and now they are on the roof waiting for the rains to stop! (May be I would, the fancy of wearing my new rain coat.. 😀 One never knows!) but, I love watching the rains more than being in a rain, especially when there is work is the state of mind eureka feeling this morning. (Life is in its little details, one more me detail added to my self.)

There are still a lot of pigeons on each fiber glass roof of the balconies facing my room. Every roof has at least 4 pigeons.. which means, I can engage in a pigeon census if I want to if it still rains and the pigeons are still on the roofs :D. (If they decide to fly away like most of us do when the rain shows no sign to stop, I’ll have to postpone this census to another rainy day). There are sparrows as well. They sit on the grills of the windows! or the grills outside the windows (Think Bombay buildings and their caged appearances). No other bird in sight!

My Tuesday morning.. yours?


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