Eggs again.. Sunday eggy breakfasts :)

I cook for a selected few people, whom I consider my very own as I feel cooking is very personal at many levels. The effort and love put into a making a meal irrespective of how it turns out–tasty, smoked, tar fried or over cooked– is a thought, a prayer and a communication between me and them. These folks are ready to experiment and experiment with food, forms, shapes, cuisines, some out of the blue god and I know recipe.. are also lovers of eggs.

So egg it is.. sunday bf 2

To spice things up on the plate and in the morning, I wanted to frame my eggs. It is otherwise the ever-so-popular-among-kids dish, egg in a hole! sunday breakfasts 4

The same eggs, the same sunny side up, but it looks different from the outside .. sunday breakfast 3


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