Customer Service : an excited episode

I just figured I am in love… ya! In love with Because it is only love that can elicit such feelings of irritation at one bad service. During the call, I was almost at my wits end trying to make this poor customer service guy understand, “what the hell, fellow? How could you dream of doing something like this. Think of the good will and the reputation.” I was shocked at myself because I was less angry with them for messing up my order and more for the mess they created and put themselves in…of course, the poor man was confused and profusely apologized as he is trained But I can say one thing we were not on the same page!! 😀 😀 Poor guy! I even, at the end of the call apologized to him, (this is an example of an excited episode) .. but on a very very serious note.. why was I relatively less bothered about my order. I never felt like this when Flipkart did an exact replica of it a year ago.. I was furious then with their vendors but they had to come around because they had to make that deivery and collect the money!

Moral of the story: in fact two morals 1. I like amazon 2. Always prefer cash on delivery, 3. As a consolation moral, the moment they call you ma’m sweetly a 10th time, understand they are trying to cover up their mistake, and blame the customer and start to guilt trip! (It screams of Trap trap trap)


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