Monday Short Musings #3 : Hazy

I was seated by the window in a moving bus and all of a sudden, the world outside turned wiggly.. then it grew misty, and it was a haze.. Looking from inside, everything outside had a blurred effect, so blurred that the colours of the shop signs, the shapes of the shrubs grown at the median, the signboards up above, and even the birds seated on the electric wires looked skewed.. the wires themselves seemed to have curved and the birds curved with them!

Illusions..! hazy illusions by the window

As the bus passed a certain stop it began to rain. And the water flowed down in a bunch of parallel lines like little thin streams from the roof of the moving bus, down the window panes. That is where they met me..  and the world outside for sometime seemed to be unclear and confused looking from the inside. Rainy morning.. rains in patches..

the featured pic: is of one such day when it rained. I was on my way somewhere in a fast moving train, a picture from the window..


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pins & ashes

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