This Independence Day, let us pick up our flags and keep it safe even after the celebrations are over and not let it lie on the roads, footpaths and parade grounds.

We’ll all participate in the Indepdence Day celebrations tomorrow in one way or the other. If not actively, we may take the opportunity of the nationalised holiday to sleep in, wake up at noon 😀 meet friends and family, catch up on some pending work.

If we are taking part actively, most of us seem to be part of a celebration just for that day and forget about it when it is over. In case of the flags they lie abandoned everywhere as reminents of an Independence day celebration.. one day a symbol of the country, the next day as a plastic waste.

This independence day, let us try to keep the flags safe. #pickupyournationalflagFB_IMG_1439563300400

Post inspiration: a discussion with the sibling, a video he shared.


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pins & ashes

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4 thoughts on “#pickupyournationalflag”

  1. Agreed, we live in a world of use & throw
    but we seem to have now hit a new low
    of turning everything into a one day show
    when then the value of things will we know?


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