The one quality, and that is resilience

Resilience, the ability to spring back into the norm-al state of affairs, is a quality I most like about me. The immediate question then is what is my normal from people who know me, with that tease πŸ˜› (another post). I’m of the opinion that blowing my own trumpet once in a post is more than sufficient for the time being πŸ˜›

I choose resilience because I like to maintain the status quo of the self after any excited episode! Here again, to say I choose would be incorrect because, I have always been like this. I have come to realize (self realization and my few critics have said) that I am a very secure and happy person by nature, and through my genes, so getting back to the secure grounded happy self is more like a reflex action. An excited episode can mean anything from, ..a bout of anger or estactic, wow Mohanlal* just turned back and smiled at me… two of my standard states :D.

I’m thinking of an example, the easiest and silliest example I can think up is if I feel less motivated on a given day, I just can’t sit brooding like that without a solution.. I snap out of it may be in half an hour or an hour max.. when I felt my working brains were tired and no motivation could offer it to work any more, I turned to quilling, the picture is from an evening.

The post inspiration is a random conversation with a few of my friends. We all came up with a favourite among our favourites about us (you’ll be thinking of us as a narcissitic bunch). But many times, I feel we do not give enough credit to ourselves.. it was a random thought between some other discussion which hijacked the entire afternoon… but it made all of us give a little me-time to us to think out loud… all of us felt good at the end of it, a very geunine from the heart conversation with a set of close friends.. and in most cases we agreed on the choice, in some we pointed out another hidden-unaware to the person quality.. There was no hurry, it was an unrushed day..

The curious aquarian in me wants to know your fav quality.. you are free to mail/comment/post .. πŸ™‚

Trivia: it has been 40 years since Sholay .. 1975.. πŸ™‚

*Mohanlal is one of my fav actors in the Malayalam, film industry


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4 thoughts on “The one quality, and that is resilience”

  1. I think mine will be the ability the forget things that are unpleasant. I genuinely don’t think about those things later in life, unless otherwise prodded by others. Always focus on the present and remember the good ones !

    Pins, you either make me smile or make me think with your posts…hugs πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  2. I thought I had replied to this one Uma, and my comment has gone missing. I was saying you have that quality to spring surprises on your friends and make them immensely happy by your gifts and letters. Truly, ome qualitu I love in you. Plus the ability to forget is a tough one..

    Hugs Uma πŸ™‚ and loads of love


  3. on time response is little different from a reflex action, I would say..simply stating, a reflex action bypasses brain.. but On time response need not be..


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