Monday Short Musings: Moving cities..

monday short musings #2

Even now what gets me excited is a birthday party. Well, today is somebody’s birthday, somebody very dear to me.. the first baby I held in my arms, I’ve seen all his phases… his long hair days, his shaved hair days, the times when he grew his beard.. his stubble days  (I know Google will be taking note 😛 :P), how he grew taller than me one summer vacation, when his voice cracked..  incidentally, we have a connection, a deeper one than the parents we share, we share the same blood group, and we also end up in the same city, strangely! So, whenever I have moved cities, it so happens he has moved into it in some time.. I may have moved out by then, but it is a fact that we get to stay in the same cities, either at a given point in time or at some adjacent time…..

We never cared the first two times this happened, we thought it coincidence… but when it happened a third time in succession, we took, we have decided that the next time, I have to move cities.. we’ll chalk out a list, a list of our favourite places and plan a move~ what if luck favours us a fourth, fifth and eleventh time 🙂

ps: I should just be in the profession of event management, just a thought.. but I think that is a suitable profession for me to enter, because I love organizing events, especially if it is for a loved one.


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