Equal footing, apples and oranges!

My source for this post comes from a photograph that is being circulated in social media after Kalam’s death. As a disclaimer, let me say that the point I want to drive home is about the basis for making a comparison and not about children’s day, Kalam or Nehru, per se.


The poster with the caption “The pictures say it all” is a collage with photos of Kalam and Nehru, Kalam seen with children and Nehru without, asking for an opinion on whose birthday is better suited to be celebrated as Children’s Day. To me, this poster would have read better if both Kalam and Nehru were shown on an equal footing. If pictures of Nehru with children were placed alongside Kalam’s, I guess the comparison would have been unbiased to start with to ask such a question. (if being spotted with kids becomes a criteria at all for marking a birthday as children’s day).


It is easy to create a bias, a poster like this will definitely gather votes in favour of what the picture wants the viewer to believe in. However, I think Kalam will turn in his grave if he ever won this campaign if this poster was the basis of such a selection and change! To be fair, comparison as a mode of argumentation requires a similar set to compare and contrast!  in this case of the poster, a set of photos of children with Kalam and photos of children with Nehru with a list of their activities for children will give the voter a better and complete idea!


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