Monday Short Musings #1

So do I call this breakfast companion a friend? I see her everyday at the breakfast table when I go into to the mess. We don’t talk, in fact we haven’t talked to each other at all. But we know we exist. On a day when she is not there, I become a little unsettled! I begin to worry! worry in the sense that a thought goes out to her.. but that thought goes away as she walks in about 5-10 minutes later than her usual time! Does she qualify as a friend! What about the person I meet everyday when at that particular corner of the ground on my daily walks? Or are friends only those people who I spend time with or chat with on a routine basis!

The friendship quotes haven’t stopped coming in. It still floods the timelines and groups!! This is what a commercialization of such a day does to an everyday phenomenon. Almost all of us have friends or the day seems to remind us that if we don’t then have at least one.. if not friends, most of us may have at least one person we call a friend, .. that person you can sit across a table and open your heart to, or just be beside and silently feel comfortable.. the bonds that maketh friendships vary! And these above examples are like the stereotypes!

if we look into our own friendships, they may entail so many not spoken qualities, which never finds a space in these forwards or quotes that flood the timelines as they don’t fit in to the gloss!.. it needn’t be any of these!

Who is a friend! I wonder! Somebody who can start a conversation with an “mmm” to a reply I posted a couple of days ago.. or somebody who knocks at my door and says, let’s go.. even if tI have returned from the same place an hour ago! Could be.. could not be…

What say you.. thinking more!

PS: Pancakes are my fav kind of breakfasts 🙂


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pins & ashes

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2 thoughts on “Monday Short Musings #1”

  1. Its anyone with whom you can relate to with simple things like breakfast or soulful things like music – that matching of frequency for that moment, when you bond with them with a smile or a word !
    You do make me think…have a great Monday and a super week 🙂

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