Everything is in a name :P

Yet another year and the social media is filled with messages, forwards and high claims eulogizing a day.. Even then, the concept of this day opens a box of memories.. one memory leading to the next and it goes on until the entire dusty shelf of memories is taken out and gone through amidst sneezes and a red eye! it is like yoga! a conscious effort at breathing.. this day is a conscious effort at realizing that the handful of people around me, matters, me to you and you to me as a person, as a group.. photos add a colour and a map, when there are no photos there are memories to write about, and explain

Friendship for me is a liberty I take with a person or a group of people and they take with me. grounded in I don’t know what all. it changes from person to person..there are no fixed rules.. it need not be we are to be alike.. or read the same books have the same thoughts or grew up in the same circumstances.. but at the end of the day, we all have each others backs.. and there is that feeling of joy to meet and be with each other no matter what and just immerse in that feeling of comfort.. ! like comfort food..

This past year has been a year of meeting my bunch in different cities and media.. and I’ve also have new friends.. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this last year, especially in terms of visiting and knowing all of you..

Cheers to us..


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

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