Going easy on Friday: food fotos

The cake!

Spotted n Shot n Tasted: The Sibling and the Mother

And on the occasion of 6 consecutive posts on six days without even knowing I was writing daily on 6 unrelated topics! Here’s a cake toast. The weekend begins with cake around here. I feel like a chocolate mud cake ๐Ÿ˜€

Sometimes writing just happens. Like I said in two of my posts this week, these posts were born between two interconnected moments, in between those seconds to put together an idea, more than for others, to give me an answer to the questions posed ..

I was lucky this week. Writing does not happen this easy to me all the time.. But I loved this week for there was something or the other in the form of Kalaam, the koel,ย rowling, the bald acquaintance and ahalya that stirred within me enough to write these out as posts.. it has been a satisfactory writing week!

The weekend begins.. I may not write even a word for the next so many days here.. but let’s hope something triggers ๐Ÿ™‚


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