Fleeting thgts …

There are times when a phrase becomes a post. Today could have been one such, if only I could remember it right at this moment when I am trying to key it in to this page! That thought flew in and flew out that moment.. and it does not seem to make an appearance, at least for the time being…!

I’ve been thinking what it was that I was going to write about.. it was something general, like the concept post, earlier this week on the Monday, as part of the musing. That post began with that sentence that popped in my head, I remember saying it out loud to myself to hear how it sounded! and then I nodded in affirmation. My friend who sat with me at the mess table nodded as well. Which sentence? the one that says “it is difficult to adjust with people who have concepts!” and the post developed out of it.

May be, just may I did not say it out loud today when the thought came in, therefore it fleeted out. Next time I’ll be more careful. I can also make it a routine to say it out loud, so I remember better, and then all of it comes back to me when I sit down with this page open to tell you about it…

Now what was it today! I’m stuck at that thought still. Can’t help it. I have this habit of going back to the moment I saw a person or heard a conversation when I see or hear them again.. The crazy part about today is, I can remember the surroundings, I can even smell that air, hear the sounds, that pit patter of the drizzle that lasted for 5 minutes but can’t seem to remember the thought. I was reading an article, and the thought flew in as I was looking out of the window then, the rain had caught my eye! so had that spider on the sill! there was a phrase. I had even formed a few sentences around it.. and then the rain stopped, the spider hurried into some hole, the pigeon flew in to peck at the mosquito net at the window, I went back to my article….. and the thought, it fleeted away ..


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