Food diaries: Something more than maggi

Not long ago, I had started a food blog. It was a time I had a kitchen and I could cook. I named it Something more than Maggi! But I lost interest and did not continue, because writing out recipes I feel is an arduous task, plus, the smart phone was not invented yet! I realized my calling for food photography, (now that would be bragging). Let me try to rephrase that sentence. I realized I loved to click food with the arrival of my Lumia! I was slowly turning into a food lover, even if I did not eat I had the urge to click and yes share with likeminded lovers of food pics! There are of course some atrocious ones, people who cannot really understand another’s passion in any field, I have received hate mails because I post food pics.. and even some psychological insight into how my brain works since I click and post food pics. I deviate!

Something more than maggi did not take off after a few posts. But I think I can divide my life into phases of like, love, absolute necessity and withdrawal from this food. My brother and I were part of this maggi club during our school days. We needed to send two empty packets of the noodles to a given address and we were members. In return we received a monthly newsletter, badges, participated in some competitions and some activities.. There was even a year in school when I took just maggi noodles for lunch. I think the craze for the noodle ended that year to be revived when I starting studying from a hostel room. Two things you absolutely need in hostels are good friends who love cooking and packets of maggi noodles. And I’m not kidding, on those days when the hostel mess food was crappy there was always a friend who used to cook up breakfast for a bunch of us.. I can go on, on those rainy nights, a packet of maggi with two green chilies slit right through made that night study extra soupy and steamy hot! And then the phase of the maggi in the water kettle! Oh! yes, if you have tried making it, you’ll know it required planning.. it was no longer the two minute meal it claimed to be.. it took a lot of patience from the side of a hungry soul to just wait for that maggi to cook under the pressure and steam!

The final phase was a no maggi phase to which my mother would say, your body has all that Maggi has stored in its different parts! The harm is already done! but it was not about the packetedness or the quickness of the meal that put me off, I think I have had so much maggi in my short life that I just started to get bored of it! I get bored of people too!

Yes, I am sad that maggi has gone away or that it had to go away in the given context .. most of us will have maggi memories! it is almost as if a species became extinct! never to return and only be talked about, like that bird, Dodo! one only sees its pictures in textbooks! Maggi may also have a chapter in a textbook.. some day!

Should I rename this post as an Ode to Maggi! Nah! not as melancholic as Keats is it 😛


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