Food Diaries : The Thali

panchvati gauravThe thali, totally a luxurious meal.. luxurious because I just have to sit and food is served. It is a lavish meal as well, because of the spread of food. However, I’m not a thali meal kind of a person..  I find it very difficult to enjoy a thali because of the continuous arrival of food at regular intervals.. I like my meal portion small .. smaller plates.. less cluttered with katories.. may be a spoon and a fork or may be just use the fingers.

But I do enjoy a five or seven course meal..even a thali is a five course meal in some sense, but the visual of a five course all at once in one big plate kind of drives away my hunger! the big plate, the 8-10 katoris just overwhelms me at the sight of it all..

Plus, I would love something among the first few servings and ask for a repeat! That is a big no no when it comes to meals with a thali.. there drowns one’s aspirations to completely enjoy the thali until the last serving of whichever food…There have been times, when I have stopped at the rotis and naan stage! then there are times when I have just had one poori and gone to the rice..

Thali is a common name to a restaurant like Neha is for a girl in northern parts of India. There is or used to be a Thali in Cochin at Jos Junction.. There is still a Thali in Kottayam. When I was in college I used to be part of the model parliament team, always a part of the Opposition, and yes, the leader of the Opposition. The initial league levels of the competition used to be held in colleges in Kottayam. During those visits to Kottayam, our Prof used to take us to Thali for our lunch…

PS: In a foodie mood! I find food and detective fiction the best companions these days .. the mood could last for 6 months I guess 😛
PS 2: the picture is from a thali a friend and I was served at Panchvati Gaurav.. Click to add a blog post for Panchavati Gaurav on Zomato


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