Food Memoirs … : the watermelon

Most of my memories are associated with food or a meal.. the people usually come after! There are so many memories around meal times, around particular dishes, around prep time.. stories just wash up to the shores of my mind when I start thinking of some days.. some days when I loved cooking for a few people.. some days when a few people cooked for me, breakfasts in bed, lunches in boxes, dinner with friends, that talk over dinner that goes into the wee hours of the morning, that phone call that came at the right moment from the neighbour to enquire about did you have food, if not come over.. the talks on fb discussing what to eat on a trip! the times when I made food and the people loved it.. like this random memory of enjoying water melons during summers during my master years in Hyderabad. We were a group, yes! and there is always a group of people, around me.. food I feel is to be enjoyed with people who love to eat, be satisfied and share memories of satisfying burps!

She was a day scholar who had a room in the hostel, she was my friend with the white scooty, a scooty on which I saw many parts of Hyderabad as a pillion rider, bunking classes, waking up early on Saturdays and sleeping late on Sundays! She used to bring water melons and call the group to her room. We used to sit around the melon, placed on a sheets of newspaper on the floor.. when she used to cut and distribute the boat shaped pieces, she always used to give me an extra napkin. I had no clue until then, that whenever I had water melons in boat shapes 60% of its pink juices just dribbled down to the floor, my dress, down my arms.. even to this day, when I tell her over the phone that I have a bowl of water melon nicely cut into squares with me, she reminds me of using the hanky for the safety of the floor! just like that! 😛 😛 😛

Water melon/mangoes cut into squares and eaten from a bowl with a fork … v/s the half moon shaped ones one just nibbles into! there are days when one way is preferred over the other! even those days have stories, stories of melons, musk melons, papayas in a plate, boat shaped cuboid.. forks, fingers.. juices 😛


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