A language of insecurities ..

Now, language is a miracle of sorts.. we may think it helps us to communicate better than what a sense of touch or actions or just a movement of the eyes can convey.. after all language is words, words recognized by a system and put into place with pronunciation and meaning is big books called dictionaries.. but there are times where two people speak the same language and are incapable of comprehending each other. There are instances of language just breaking down and not able to revive or make a conversation…

Given such a scenario… a set of two people, in two very different films in the recent past ..  communicate or rather try to communicate with each other speaking different languages.. Now, you would be thinking which ones, come on.. put some pressure to your nerves cells up in that brain tin. and you’ll just get it right, the first go..

The peculiarity in these two instances is that the 4 people in the two films, do not know each other’s languages, and the languages are a far cry to each other!.. plus there isn’t a common language for a fluent communication. But somehow, they manage, they seem to talk and take in the mood of the conversation even though they don’t seem to get the context..

not a classical case, but a near classical case of when not knowing a language becomes a boon, to speak up every single syllable that screams out from inside the brain and heart and it is out there in the open, and no more inside the body.. plus since they are talking to real living people, they also receive response.. it seems to be better than making a conversation with the walls of their rooms.. walls are excellent listeners and keepers of secrets.. but they just listen, imbibe and keep the screams to themselves..

The two films, Gauri Shinde’s English Vinglish and Zoya Akthar’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara..

How can any sane woman forget the very handsome French chef of English Vinglish 😛 😛 😛 He spoke in French, Sridevi’s character spoke to him in Hindi/Tamil, and they seemed to understand the emotions behind the words if not the words! or did they! The act of listening then becomes a virtue… listening to the tone and intonations, and recognizing the mood of the other participant in the conversation creates the bond! That scene of the french fries and the empire state building..  it may not be comprehension at all, it would be just an act of being there..

.. Farhan Aktar’s character talks to his Spanish friend about his insecurities in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in Hindi, she replies in Spanish?.. and each time this happens, the context though different, is similar.

What then is the language of insecurities.. or is it insecurities that require a different audience and a different language…speaking out the latent fears hidden in the mind to strangers may be the easiest of ways to communicate.. or why a chat online to an anonymous chat mate or a table partner at a restaurant, and a stranger you meet in the bus/train becomes significant!


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