Making Memories with Waffles :)

waffles shootI think I am a very patient person when it comes to clicking pictures of food and birds 🙂 A made waffles.. I love waffles.. making them and eating them, and surprisingly, clicking them… the morning sun was just up and it made a glorious flash light. B was hungry, I borrowed his phone to click the waffles… he played along for some time until hunger pangs were just unbearable.. he nipped into one I guess.. C was walking around among us.. when she saw no end to the clicking she sat down with her plate and started to bite into one giving B some company.

I was lost in the waffles, in the raisins and what more to add to pile up the ingredients… some days are crazy! crazy in search of the right picture… what would I have done without a smart phone or a digital camera… they give most of us that space, a space to shoot, reframe and shoot again..  There is plenty of pictures of the same waffle dressed in different ways, from different angles,under different light, in different backgrounds.. they will all going into a folder named waffles..

Arranging the waffles, adding a raisin each in each of its pocket.. a few teaspoons of sugar crystals over the raisins. … add dash of chocolate sauce, some honey for the glaze.. click after click after click, the plate changed from the steel coloured to a red.. click click click .. and finally breakfast was eaten at half past 10.

To think of it, any sane person would have thrown me out of the table.. having a not so hot breakfast is not the ideal beginning of the day especially when it can available piping hot.. I have  phone connection that renders me available most of the time..  and I have this habit of clicking pictures when in the mood.. and at times, uploading it as my FB cover… sharing it with people who love the sight of food..  I’m grateful for the folks who just stick by me, with all the eccentricities I come with.. could be because  they are as crazy as I am in different ways.. birds of the same feather, mostly flock together.. :P:P:P:P:P


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