of Rains, Rainbows and a certain kind of smoky skies

I was seated on the window seat above the wing.. it was a huge wing, and like any other had red and yellow lights blinking from its sources… and then the lightening struck, or was it a bunch of clouds passing.. the window seemed to grow misty! and with the lights blinking off and on from the end of the wing, the merger of the white of the clouds with the yellow and the red of the lights made the entire scene outside the window look surreal!

This time, I flew out and in, in the evening.. and in the rain.. and I spotted a rainbow! While on the return, the weather was far too turbulent to land! we were hovering over the airport for about half an hour.. is what the pilot said.. but that hovering around created the mistiness, that smoky effect..

A drive through Bombay roads at night is something everyone should try.. well, if you are adventurous enough try it on a rainy day. You need to have patience as well..because getting to point A to point B could be arduous, and the possibilites of not getting to point B is of the highest probability. Bombay seemed like not just a city, I found out that night it was a river, a river in the garbs of a city, a river like Alph, the underground river in Kubla Khan which suddenly found its way up to the surface. It gushed out from all the pores it could find, and was in union with the pelting rains.. Bombay has become a water park.. water from above and water from below, mini waterfalls at the sides of the road, and water from all over meeting at a crossroad to pool into another little sea.. and reach the Arabian Sea by dawn!

I need to ask my parents about my reactions to thunder and lightening, and the rain while I was younger. Currently, water has this bizarre effect on me that I feel I am one with the idea of a water body. It could be the water in the swimming pool, the plates of rain that fall from above, the water puddles.. seeing nothing beyond the wind shield during a drive.. the shower of water in the bathrooms, the water drops on a window pane or water in a bottle to drink.. I simply love the idea of water and being in it and with it!

It is just not a matter of a simple love and adoration for watching the rain by the window, if I am on high ground, it is also the urge to running into it getting drenched any time of the day..


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