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Vidhya’s tag comes at a most apt moment, I was lazy to blog long and here she has given me a ready made prompt, 10 sentences on love. The lazy me resorted to the current read, Kavita Kane’s second book Sita’s Curse. Oh! The little I read, it seems like mush overload, a little too much for my taste.. Sita's sister

This is my reading tale of Sita’s Sister in 10 lines handpicked from the novel. Sita’s sister is based on The Ramayana but focuses on the character of Urmila, Lakshman’s Wife and Sita’s sister. I picked this book up because I enjoyed Kane’s maiden novel, Karna’s Wife, everything including the cover page design. It was an adaptation of the Mahabharata but from Urvi, Karna’s wife’s point of view.

10 moony-eyed lines from Sita’s Sister, of which the 10th is my favourite. Calling all the10 lines moonyneyed is unfair because these lines presents love in shades, between siblings, partners, parents .. The pattern IĀ  followed for the prompt – the line from the text. (name of the chapter, the page number.)

  1. “Sita!” Joy and relief gurgled out as a squeal from Urmila’s throat. (The Four Sisters, 4)
  2. “A wide-eyed, lovelorn idiot,” Urmila corrected teasingly. (The Two Princes, 15)
  3. “And my brother is that unparralled man, the only one to pick up the bow when others could not even move it,” intervened Lakshman. (The Swayamvar, 37)
  4. “You scarcely let any of us know of your feelings for Ram’s brother,” Sita started in an openly accusatory tone. (The Lovers, 43)
  5. Beaming with unconcealed joy, Sita hugged her younger sister tightly and long, as if to never ler her go. Urmila could feel the joy bubbling inside Sita and did not have the heart to diffuse the euphoria. (The Lovers, 45)
  6. She now had her parents’ permission and her heart’s sanction; it could not have been more legitimate. (The Lovers, 53)
  7. “How am I supposed to tell Urmila I cannot marry her.” There was frustration in Lakshman’s voice (The Rejection, 62)
  8. “That is my quandry–I love you, to distraction and yet I don’t have the courage to marry you. Because I am a torn man, Mila” Lakshman said despairingly. (The Rejection, 65)
  9. The love between the four brothers borders on devotion, especially the younger brothers’ dedication to Ram,” Kirti said. They would do anything for him and vice versa. (The Rejection, 75)
  10. Falling in love was far easier than staying in love. Would then, living in love be a trying tale of trials or of triumphs? (The Four Weddings, 78)

Karna's wife I like Kane’s choice of a protagonist. She picks up those characters from a great work, here The Ramayana, who are part of the text but absent from the main plot because of the more well known characters namely, Sita. I wouldn’t have known Karna’s wife’s name or her relation to the main plot of the Mahabharata if not for Kane’s fictitious account of Urvi. It could be that Kane has a love for names in starting with U from Hindu mythology, Urvi, now Urmila.. I wonder who is next.. another U, Urvasi may be….

Ramayana is the story of Ram and Sita, and Lakshman, their 14 years of exile, Sita’s abduction by Ravan..Ā  in the midst of these events Urmila seems to have become invisible.. kane turns the spotlight on her in this 2014 rupa publication.

Verdict: it is not that gods can’t be mushy.. it is just that the story for me borders on the genre of the romance, a genre I’m never been keen on reading. In addition, the editor could have taken a little more care, there are many spelling mistakes, especially in the names of the characters….by then the book starts to irritate. I sum it up as “sardonic..” the most used word in the story, at least 5 times in a chapter so far šŸ™‚

PS. (May write a review after or if I finish reading)


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15 thoughts on “Sita’s Sister (2014) |Kavita Kane|Rupa – reading tales”

    1. Bikram, yes, we don’t and also fail to remember that it takes everybody to make a story.. do you want to take up the tag? It could be 10 lines on love, a poem, story .. any thing šŸ™‚


  1. Without supporting actors the protagonsts would be a little lost, ya? ā˜ŗ
    I’m a little curious now…I think I would get Karna’s wife. His character is my most favourite in Mahabharata.

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    1. Karna is my fav too in Mahabharata. I recommend karna’s wife varsh.. u’ll enjoy.. the characterizatiom of urvi is well done, like juhi chaturvedi fleshed out her three characters of piku. Did you have a chance to see piku?


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