Piku (2015) Shoojit Sircar & Juhi Chaturvedi

….Once upon a time, in a far away land…. his Minister’s reply shocked a King. He could not believe that the happiest moment according to his Minister was after a trip to the loo to clean his bowels!… days went by and one day, the Minister and the King decided to go on a boat ride in the river… the Minister offered the King a lot of food to eat.. and the King ate, ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate… until the King felt the need to visit the loo. He told his Minister! Since they were somewhere in the middle of the river, it took some time for the boat to reach the shore, for the King to get out, find a loo, run right into it and wash it all out! Finally when the King came out after relieving himself, he realized the truth and the happiness factor of his Minster’s reply of a few months ago for his question.. ” (a la King Lear story and many other such stories about late realizations, kings and minister tales, Akbar & Birbal tales)

Now, when I heard this for the first time from one of my roommates, I was a little more than taken aback! Who talks about shit in public, outside the smells of the four walls of the toilets and jokes about it, was my instant reaction..eeeesh! but living with her for a year, and her many many many jokes of the kind and daily routines, I happily tucked into the world, she into mine and me into hers… and in turn began to spread her jokes.. in short, I became extremely comfortable broaching the topic of shit in public.. added to that, since we all lived in a hostel on a campus where the food was not that great at all, almost everyday, a conversation at the mess table would begin by .. ah! bad! yellow today ~ liquidy ya! need to visit the health centre.. or solid today, let’s party~ bluum bluum or shweeeeeeeesh πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Piku, the film brought back all these memories, of the tap being thrown open from the bottom hole or having to build pressure by drinking hot water to unload a load! Never thought that somebody would make a film on it, but yes there is one today written by Juhi and directed by Shoojit.. as I told everyone who asked me about it, my sides ache from laughing and laughing and laughing at whatever was going on screen… I hope the continuous no stop laughter has melted away at least an inch of fat from my muffin top πŸ™‚ Brilliant performances, acting, words, looks, silence… stubborness ..

.. and that scene of the river, in the morning with the sun’s reflection of the waters.. mind blowing!

Highly recommended πŸ™‚ for laughs.. thoughts, to throw out inhibitions, newer perspectives on the younger generation ..

Trivia: In the state of Kerala, there are out of the many kinds of bananas, two, which almost every family buys on a daily basis.. one, the famous neendrapazhram, that is used to make the banana chips/wafers/fritters.. it aids a loose tummy to help to keep it all bound up like the other fruit apple does, and the other, palayamkodan, a variety malayalees eat after supper every night for smooth motions and happy London mornings to visit the queen! (every family and state has their own loo jokes.. ;))PS: we saw the film to a full house at 11 pm… In between all the laughs, I forgot to take a picture to show you the crowd, the packed theatre.. or record and replay the laughter that ensued..

PS1: There are many many more issues which the film takes up in between the bowels talk.. first watch, laugh and then we can discuss it all.. and laugh again remembering the “simhasan” πŸ˜›


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