Universal Feelings of excitement

I have seen this happen first hand with both my parents. MJ met her friend from her college days in Hyd a few years ago. It was some moment for me as well, a fly on the wall, to be a part of their reunion after about 28 years they last met. The joy was delectable.. the fondness ah!

DJ and a few of his class 10 classmates met at a wedding of one of my friends, unexpectedly. It was a beginning of renewal of these class mates meetings and their bonds. Together they decided to track down through friends, school records and relatives and other sources.. most of their classmates, except for two. They even had newspaper reporters come to cover their gettogethers and they in turn posted an ad for their missing classmates.. Recently, DJ met one his missing classmates while he was here. Again I was a fly on the wall… The excitement was unbeatable.. I felt my dad had gone back to his days of school… although I was skeptical about his friend’s reactions.. I was surprised to find that he too was in the same state of his school days.. Once they were together, they needed none of us, they talked, called their other friends.. talked, took pictures .. noted down dates for a next meeting

The warmth.. the camaraderie..

It seems to be a universal feeling people have among those who have studied in the same class.. which in turn even I experienced when I met my set of college class mates a few months ago.. the same faces, a little grown up, a little older but the spirit was just the same and it felt in most parts that we were back in that class.. people had moved on from the days of our college, from studies into other responsibilities and choices they have made or was thrust upon them..

The feelings DJ, MJ their friends, my friends and I shared are similar…  We were all excited to be meet each other, to the point where the excitement showed! and it was joy inducing to people around us as well..(may be a lot of joy inducing that they sometimes threw us out) I think at the end of the day in the race called life, it is always lovely to be with those souls who we have grown up with as part of a class.. refreshing if not anything..


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One thought on “Universal Feelings of excitement”

  1. Oh yesssss.. old is gold always that’s why they say it..

    Yesterday I met a friend after almost 20 years and it was back to those days ..We are meeting another friend next week..


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