Diaries and records.. about recording one’s life..

So, now  I have absolutely no clue why I start a sentence with the words ‘so’ so often! In this state of clueless-ness I begin another post.. another post about, diaries and diary writing.

question: any of write entries in the diary ..

I find this one of the best ways to make use of the pen in an age when I hardly steer away from the keyboard. It then becomes a moment in the course of a day when I relish holding the pen, using colours.. a convenience that even the input devices of computer gives me.. No!… Don’t you even dare and even think I am running into that oft nostalgic stream of loving paper and pen over the typed word.. I’ve never felt a pull either way since I use both media equally, and as for me convenience rules….  but to conserve my handwriting, my spellings and give my fingers some exercise… I think writing into a diary rather than typing into a keyboard is a good idea.

Diaries, well I get my annual diary from my dad .. he gives me one at the beginning of every year or towards the end of a year.. and I start to jot down. There have been many years when I haven’t used it for writing personal entries but these days, I’m into this strange habit of recording every sound, wind, word and song that passes me, I try to at least to capture on paper in words and images in my book I have started calling the diary…

It does not have dates on each page, but it has a column where I can write the date, if I want to.. into it goes details of a day, food tales, a conversation with friends, strangers, birds, some .. some moments during a walk, or a talk, or just sitting still.. some sketches.. some stray leaves.. I think if I open these books after 5 or 6 years it would become a memorable account of the life I led during these years..

a need to record my actions.. do you also feel the need?..

I feel, recording my actions daily gives me a sense of what I do, it gives me a sense of a macro management of my 24 hours.. on some days it saves me from feeling guilty of not having worked.. because looking at the notes of the previous day, week and month, I can see, since I have recorded the work that has gone in. For instance, it need not be writing 10 pages a day.. it could be reading 3 books towards writing those 10 pages, even making different outlines for structuring those 10 pages.. it could be just musing over the information and data in silence.. for creating that space to work.. it could also be engaging with people or things to set the mind to take a plunge in the right direction into work.. for the next 10 pages.. 🙂

I have a diary with a caricature at its cover. Picked it up from a local stationary store.. one more reason to visit the store,.. oh! you did not realize my love for stationary!

Trivia: The featured picture of this post was clicked at the shop in the Mumbai Airport.


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