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I was watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara again, this time more for the songs.. I discovered “der legi lekin..” it is a melodious piece sung by Shankar Mahadevan, composed by his trio team. the lyrics by Aktar are worth a million bucks! Picked it up from a conversation at the breakfast table this morning.. and lo! it is on a loop…

I’m more of a senorita kind of song girl.. so der legi, did not register during the time I saw the film in 2011… in fact even though I loved the film overall.. the concept of the film fell flat for me, because it talked about the way I live … so there was nothing new the film offered like it offered to the people I went with, who were just burying themselves in work alone! and letting each day pass.. for them, the film was a new lease of life! they suddenly realized the importance of fun, friends, time for oneself.. no wonder people have been calling me mature from childhood! bah! 😛 😛 so, you know now why the arrogant side of me, literally scorns at people who think of making money now, do not enjoy even a minute and think of enjoying after retirement types!!  (oh! I do have an arrogant side! ;))

When I wrote a review on this film on this blog, oh! man it was the first time I knew fans associations write mails to personal blog film reviewers …:P It was an illuminating experience to start with… emails long emails, can you beat that!

and precisely when I was re-watching, other than der legi.. the game caught my attention, the game they play in the car to know what’s the source for troubling thoughts.. scene: farhan and abhay deol in the car, where farhan stops at father..

If you haven’t seen the film, the game goes like, I say a word and you reply with a related word without giving it much thought! so spontaneous reactions… Now, here’s the part for you..  tell me which other film has used the same game! .. Bingo..! college, friends, anjali, anjali sharma 😛 KKHH (1998).. it is.. 🙂 There is a story behind how we went to watch KKHH.. as a class from school… long story! some other day.. 🙂

Ok another one up, Kalki also says “teri ma ki..” who else… in which film.. ? ? Kalki’s character says it in Yeh Jawani hai dewaani (2013/14) and the older more famous one before was, yes you got it right.. kareena kapoor’s Geet in Jab We Met (2007-08?)..

As it goes, I’ve been asked ordered to stay away from work, politely for this weekend 🙂 so I religiously obey my supervisor for the first time.. (ya! not a very rule bound girl!) So the long weekend became about making filmy connections… from the morning of today after this conversation a friend of mine and I had of poems..

It is hard to meet somebody these days who quotes poems.. we were there, joined by some others and quoting the romantics and victorians and some of shakespeare’s sonnets..

Serendipity… we set a coffee mug on a coaster…coaster almost always reminds me of, Reese Witherspoon in Just Like Heaven and Ruffalo.. and ruffalo of Hulk, hulk of Norton and Bana, Bana of Troy and Hulk again.. hulk of avengers… avengers led me to captain america.. and one thing led to another and as they say, the rest is history…

Trivia: story behind the featured pic for the post.. as part of a book exchange in one of the book groups, my partner had sent me a book. It as you can see has a brilliant cover my group of friends fell in love with.. and that night while returning from dinner, we happened to see the campus immersed in painting a portion of a road for a festival on campus.. we joined them and painted the cover pic tweaking it a little as our contribution 🙂 a group of friends who also believe in live the moment.. somewhere or the other we all had held a brush to paint in our lives.. but this experience of painting on tar was exhilarating..11024224_1036351229727925_5537083864787144862_o


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