Margarita with a Straw (2015) | Shonali Bose, Kalki, Revathy

mwastrawThe film follows the life of Laila, the girl born with cerebral palsy or CP. The other strong character Laila’s Aai.. portrayed by Revathy. Then there is the her best friend, Dhruv.. her crush and lead singer of the college band, Nima… her new friend, Khanum.

The film is about realizations .. of the body, of our attractions,  orientations … if I say anything more I will have to say spoiler alert!

The film teaches us how to accept ourselves… as we are.. in our own eyes and be proud..

recommended for its portrayal of strong characters … everybody including the laila’s father, her younger brother …I think Revathy acted in a Mani Ratnam film, where her daughter Anjali was diagnosed with CP. Her character sketch reminded me of Auro’s mother, Vidya….


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