Micro blogging Mondays: Connecting with friends

Microblog_MondaysFor the past few weeks, I kind of am not socially active on Facebook. I am there, but I am not there fully, either. In the past and even in the present, I’d been questioned by many folks why I was on Facebook all the time, they should really mind their own business I would say! I never once asked them what they were doing when they saw me 😛 😛 ( ya! nastiness can always wait!)

One of the reasons why I still am on Facebook, is the reason why I joined it in the first place – to connect with my blogging buddies. During the year 2009, most of my friends on Orkut migrated to FB and I too followed them here to keep abreast of the blog posts, the discussion we have..

But over the years from 2009, FB has replaced many of the connecting-with-friends medium… It has provided a platform to group, regroup, have personal and group chats at the same time, open and manage pages, open groups and discuss matters with a whole set of folks, more than 2 or 3 at a time, and also connect with more people.. plus it has worked as my newspaper and magazine for all these years.

But for the past so many weeks, I wondered why I was not interested in changing my cover picture, a point to be noted because I usually change my cover picture almost every day…. my cover pictures have pictures of the food I come across regularly..

it came to me that I am kind of done with FB then… not that I stopped taking food pictures.. 🙂 but I stopped uploading pictures as the cover…  When I went around finding a reason, well, the answer is I am more online on another medium like the instant messaging .. the same conversations, the same set.. and no distractions other than friends all over the place in different groups or individually.. a classic case of one medium replaces the other .. 😛

Although everybody on the contact list who has an account shows up on whatsapp list, even then.. the personal nature of instant communication is just great!

However, the best medium I still love is face to face.. and if not that then over a call.. and people I know and who know me oblige to call and also receive calls 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Micro blogging Mondays: Connecting with friends”

  1. Varsh, nothing like a good hearty conversation.. these days chat and instant messaging have become second nature.. because most of us are virtually connected, and virtually present for our own pursuits.. whatever the medium, friends are connecting with people is very important.. people without true friends! well..


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