Micro Blogging Mondays: and the tables change

In the past 2-3 days the same media who put down AIB for the Roast is cheering them for their latest video..

culture changes? in a matter of what, 60 days.. I specially loved their example of going to the park, wanting to go for the slide.. then the swing, then the swing to go fast… in the video

Now what brings me to this video is the other more talked about video of the Roast. Yes, you’ll say at least in your mind, we have been over this .. at least some of you will say, it is about our culture.. values.. I’ve read and heard many reactions.. I was also amazed to find people who otherwise do whatever they want that suit their convenience were talking about some pure Indian culture.. may be it is the stream I am in, it has always been cultures in the plural..

we all have one, our individual, family, school, locality, peer group, office, another’s, what is right for us, let me rebel against it, old fashioned, new fangled.. youth, campus, road, park.. corporate..western, eastern southern western arctic.. it just goes on… and in many ways all these are like intersecting circles in a venn diagrams.. we fall into these intersections, and participate..


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