There and then the next ..

And all of a sudden, there is a peculiar kind of a silence as I woke up this morning. In the bathroom, a toothbrush was also missing from its holder. No usual morning calls from the breakfast table, or discussion of the day’s news. There was neither any activity on the stove. it was day 1 after the vacation was over. MJ and DJ had left for home the day before, but the emptiness they left behind seeped in this morning … these so many days over easter, our quorum was full..

If this is what I feel, I wonder what my three cousins would be going through, after they lost their mother this week. It is shocking that death is one way by which we get to know a person mattered.. my uncle’s wife died, it seemed as if it was all of a sudden… yes, she was sick, but not that sick to just leave like that.. the last time I saw her she flashed that smile of hers, we had talked.. not that I was particularly attached to her, but her going way did cause me to stop.. my heart goes out to my cousins.. I hope and pray they have the strength to deal with the loss of their mother.


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