Micro Blogging Mondays : Food Habits

cp1One of those times when I kind of laughed my heart out was when at a dinner get together, a person sitting beside me confidently replied, “oh! That is because of gelatin.” He was referring to how the ingredients of a caramel pudding stick together and do not run around! Un gelled!

Now, there are only very few things I’m absolutely certain about and one of them is about the caramel pudding. It was almost an every day dessert at home during my school days, in addition to it being a Kerala syrian christian delicacy. Plus, I’m all caramel pudding is what MJ says because this was one of the few foods that stayed within her tummy during her 9 months with me.

So when our man said gelatin, I laughed. When he asked for an explanation I replied and he appeared shocked. But it was sorted soon enough as an answer to my next question, “have you made it any time or seen it made?” The answer was a no..

A caramel pudding with eggs do not require gelatin, we have perfected the art of making it. But without eggs, gelatin then acts as a binding/gelling agent. Pure vegetarians who know the commonly ignored fact that gelatin is made of animal fats .. need to find another substitute.


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