Tuesday Musings on food, whatelse

It is very easy to think of a post title these days. What do I do, think of the name of the day and add a rhyming word or create a two word alliteration. For example, today being Tuesday, my title begins with Tuesday and to that I add musings.. so Tuesday Musings it is ..

What is my tuesday musing this week .. here is,tuesday musings

I was on a sabbatical with respect to clicking food. You can say by “popular demand” because my food pictures of my FB cover were creating many people to be uneasy.. hungry, irritated .. more than the joy of viewing good food on a page.. and for last year and a half, clicking food has become like breathing for me, I do not eat without clicking what’s on my plate!

I did not know this initially that a number of people, friends and relatives followed my fb updates on food.. I updated my fb covers as and when I clicked and loved a particular food.. it so happened that I went home once and then when the topic changed to food, the dicussion was about my cover pictures.. people whom I thought were not interested in my life, fb or food, people on my friend’s list who never once liked any of my posts or were just there because there were on the friend’s list knew exactly the content of the pictures and the series.

Obviously, I was stunned! I was flattered as well, but more than flattered I was shocked that people were interested, they were lurking around my timeline, and also had an opinion about what I put up as my cover pic! Mixed feelings…..

Some of them were angry because some of the food pictures were so yummy.. and too far away from their reach .. even I had my cravings looking at some 😀 think of people who sit far away from such sites of food making, devoid of the ingredients .. going sluuuuurp on screeen, and wetting their ipads, keyboards and phones! Ahaa..

And then there are a few very close friends who say, “why torture us like this” I found those remarks genuine enough and devoid of sarcasm. It was some achievement that my pictures were making people droooool.

So, in order to not to cause mass world damage, I decided that ….

this lent again, I will take up a routine of not to click food, just eat.. keep that phone aside and not to touch it while at a table. Of course, the devil tempted me many many times, but then there were others on the table who reminded me of the lent oath.. and in turn, they took pictures and shared. 🙂 🙂

It has been 6 long weeks … but today, the blue coloured plates and the sandwiches were too much of a resist. Plus it is a new phone.. 1+1 as it is called, I love it for its camera. Click click click it went .. the blue of the plate, the brown of the bread, the rays of the morning sun.. the general holiday mood.. life is indeed a tuesday musing.. and bread is one of my favourite edible things in this world




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