Micro blogging Mondays: Skywatch

I have a weakness for looking up at the night sky and watching the moon, the stars, their patterns. I have a weakness such that I can lie down somewhere on the ground, on the terrace looking up at the sky and gaze for hours at a stretch… I have a weakness so much so that I consider that time well spent and productive.

My friend from the University and I met during the day of our admission. We hit it off well that we selected adjacent rooms in the same wing of the hostel. At that time, neither of us would have envisaged that what started as a casual inquiry on a sultry day of July would last this long and go on and on.

She and I used to go for night walks together, a 4 to 5 hours, I used to look forward to for the company and her story telling, plus we loved the sky. We used to walk and talk through the entire campus almost 5 times a night and finally come to the football field to rest our legs and look up at the sky. Orion was our favourite it still is, whenever she spots it these days, she calls me.. or gives me a missed call.. I know..  these days it is more of an instant whatsapp message saying “hunter in the sky”

The moon holds a similar charm. It has been missing from the skies for a couple of nights from the sky. I spotted it tonight a golden crescent in the background of the night sky above those buildings that form the skyline of this part of the city. It was new moon a few days ago, the day of the eclipse in parts of UK. A sigh of relief.. that the moon is back..


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