Micro Blogging Monday: Reading Tales from Bishwanth Ghosh’s Tamarind City (2012)

Microblog_Mondays“…We were in Commander-in-chief road, gliding towards Mount Road, when something fell from a tree straight onto my lap. … as the tiny intruder lay near my feet, I examined it from a distance and I picked it up with glee… a piece of tamarind..”

And I sat wondering from when did tamarind grow on trees, and it was light.. I think if I had stopped reading and started to ponder over tamarind.. I would have got it then but I did not stop there, I continued reading.. until this line to realize the swap.. “for the first few months after coming here, whenever I went out in search of lunch, I would ask only for tamarind rice.”

And then it struck me that I had been thinking all this while not of the tamarind but of the turmeric…, the source of mini confusions.. about when did turmeric start growing on trees and when did it become light.. in my mind it looked like a yellowish ginger! The swap was on I think from the moment arrived by mail.

Again, I refer to Uma.. she has been the hidden protagonist for my posts for the last one week.. one more post in her name, here she plays the role of the shadow and the active participant who sent me this book as part of the book exchange we are a participants of.

Tricky customer this one.. I sit and laugh, and laugh all over again thinking of the swap the letter t in the title did when it was engaged in a conversation with my brain…the images populated when tamarind is replaced with turmeric as an adjective to this city of Madras is very different… turmeric memories so to speak of everything turmeric from vicco turmeric, Β the colour yellow and the facials.. and may be this malayalam song..

For more on Ghosh’s a link to his blog – On the Ganga Mail. Thanks Vishwa for sharing the link. From conversations over a cover picture on FB πŸ™‚


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