Weekend Films : Dum Laga Ke Haisa (2015)

The only grouse I have towards the director is the film ended too soon, and the climax if it was a climax at all.. came too soon, and that it was predictable.

The story of the film lies in that question about “Bua, can I close the window,” the giggles of the elders sleeping on cots just outside the room of the newly weds, the only fight between them with songs, the buying of the nightie, the food she eats at her home, the kachori night.. the film says a lot in the little things without drama.. I think that’s how it is.

I thought it was all in the vibe between two people … the frequency and the quality of the heart, because those are the traits that remain permanent with changing shades in the structure and colour of the body.. anyways, those are entirely my views, because I consider the vibes as of utmost importance..

I remember watching a Marathi film with a similar story line a while ago.. don’t remember the name though..

I wonder when was the last time I remember somebody referring to the library as the pushtakalaya…And to hear so much of the literal Hindi since school Hindi texts…..

And from the beginning, from the time yash raj opens the title credits, we enter into a Kumar Sanu music zone ..


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