Reading Tales: The idea of a book, chai and pakoras when it rains..

To all those detractors of the ideal, (me included ;)) these are the times when I feel the ideal exists.. because I am able to live the ideal of a rainy day for a book and weather lover …. 😛 With social media in use for so long, a  hint of a drizzle somewhere in a hot month, and FB statuses, blogs and tweets, now whatsapp.. is filled with pictures and mention of chai and pakodas.. with the rain in the background. It has become a popular romantic image that has been widely circulated and we have approved of.. There is nothing to disagree here about effect of what a cup of steaming chai (ginger/cardamom) and the steaming just out of the wok, pakodas, does to our chilled veins and numb fingers on a rainy day…

But then I sometimes wonder, as long as I can remember there was no chai in my home. We were lovers of coffee, we still are.. bru rules.. and we realize that we are addicts to the coffee kind of a caffeine when the second packet of coffee is also over and there is no powder to make 4 cups more until DJ makes a trip to the shop. That interval says it all.. that interval when the tea bags are taken out… that interval when hot water is poured into the coffee bottle to extract the powder that would have stuck to the sides.. to create an essence as small as it can be of the coffee in a mug..

I wonder when it was that chai and pakoras entered my world of romantic imagination of rainy days and monsoons…is it with social media… 🙂 is it with books. It was somebody’s idea of a time well spent, but when did it take over as the image of an ideal evening for a larger set of people… that this seems to be one of the most popular images that crops up when it rains.. chai and pakora then…

Amazon sometimes knows what to do best. and how to do best. Uma in passing suggested a Devdutt book. I took up the recommendation and ordered at Amazon on Saturday night. And early Sunday morning, I receive a call and the book arrives …. It was an ideal weather to laze around, read and rest. After all, a book in hand, chill in the air, a cup of steaming hot tea for a change this week and a few biscuits.. the idea of an ideal rest day emerged. … now, when the sun takes a day off, mortals like me just follow suit.

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4 thoughts on “Reading Tales: The idea of a book, chai and pakoras when it rains..”

    1. I started drinking tea when I began staying in hostel.. because there was no coffee.. but then I fell in love with tea, the flavoured ones a couple of years ago when I landed in another country.. the tea, the cups they were served in, and the ambience of tasting it.. that’s the beginning Vidhya, still coffee rules.. I can drink tea anywhere, but I don’t prefer tea at all.. coffee in any form..

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    There were 10 topics to choose from to write. I chose ‘water’ because it was raining outside that morning while the exam was on. I could feel sprays from the stray that hit the edge of the wall outside the window. splashing past me in a missed attempt to hit elsewhere. The rain wasn’t the only distraction, there was those questions printed on coloured paper. I sat wondering, who in their sane mind could be serious while writing answers on blue for the multiple choice, yellow for the short answers, and green for the essay! Plus the rain outside, I wrote gladly about water, and was taunted by my two friends who wrote the exam with me! I think I even quoted the nursery rhyme somewhere to elaborate on water, as rain! 🙂 The funnier part of all this is on the first day when Anna (she was to teach lesser known plays of Shakespeare and the culture of food) strode into class. Haughtily she inquired, who among us wrote on the topic of water for the exam. To our surprise and hers, 3/4 of the class of 18 had chosen water as their topic for the essay, and we were all here in this class, admitted 😀 😀 I don’t know remember whether she shook her head in exasperation, or in mirth.. but she had a bunch of water romantics in her class to deal with for the coming one semester and the next 2 years.

    I was giving my entrance exams to get into the University that year, Like every year the exams were held in the middle week of June when Cochin city started to soak itself in the rains and enjoyed its wet days!


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