Still on the Weather.. and some more aalipazhrams

The weather has been the hero of the weekend and continues to be the hero of this morning.

I woke up with a start to some noise. In sleep, It sounded like thunder. As I woke up, it sounded like some branch of a tree breaking and falling on the roof.. My instant reaction was to roll out of bed and unplug the laptop and the phone.. and everything that stayed connected to the switch board. I don’t know why, this is the first time I’ve tried something like that just out of bed, and in my memory done something coherently soon after being awake even before brushing my teeth (I can’t function without the paste to the toothbrush to the mouth) .. but I rolled back into the bed, cuddled into my blanket and lay there for a while..and then slowly looked out of the window. For once, I woke up scared!

20150302_084027There was a strange light. Not the yellow of yesterday but some yellow like they show in the films when the Gods appear…. the sun shone from some distance away, it was a white ball shining like in matt finish from up above… And there was this wind howling, and all along it was the howling that I thought to be the thunder and the breaking of the branch. During the day, I heard that there was a hailstorm during the night.. It would have been a poetic ending if a highway man came riding .. riding .. riding… parting the clouds, the winds, the leaves, the mist.. the rains..

In Malayalam, the word for hail is aalipazhram. It is part of a famous song from an equally popular film My Dear Kuttichattan, the first 3D film made in India. Now the word pazhram in Malayalam can mean fruit, of any kind, or it is most often referred to as the banana. So, in turn, I used to think until very recently, that aalipazhram was some kind of fruit… may be a cousin of the cashew fruit or the mango or some such.. Turns out, the child protagonists of this 1984 film wanted to collect hail…   Here’s the song 

How much I love the rains, I love the pleasantness and the chill, I was so glad that my man is back, shining. up in the sky…I was glad when the sun came back up.


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