Micro blogging Mondays – the Sunday that was …

It was a good day so far because the weather outside was just mind blowing.

It had been drizzling since yesterday, and the drizzles continued into today as well.

The sun’s rays were dull as he tried to shine from behind the cloud cover. Even then, the light was brilliant, that yellow light not yellow enough and really bright like when he is in full bloom at noon, it was just a dull yellow, a creamy one not yet his routine yellow ray that streams into the room everyday at 11.

I absolutely love the skies, the sun, the birds and that is one of the reasons why I do not prefer to sit near a window during the day, or in my room.

My room opens to a tennis court on campus and as a result of the renovation recently, the court looks very colourful, it is a multi green of the Wimbledon and the blue of the Flushing Meadows while the stands are a bright red.

Together with the trees around, a view from my window placed on the third floor..  it is indeed a bird’s eye view ..

Plus the not yet yellow creamy light.., with the little bit of drizzle, a few puddles of water, some wet patches, it looks absolutely warm, and brilliant.

I can just stare into the beauty of the court and remain there by the window all day long.

I have company in the hawks. They sit on one of the branches of the trees just above the court. Together we form a team.

Today, the rains brought in that chill in the air, that coolness that quenched the heat that reigned for days together and tormented us. We preened ourselves in the chiill, fluffed a little and rested. Plus it is a Sunday.


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4 thoughts on “Micro blogging Mondays – the Sunday that was …”

    1. I think with this window out here in my room and such weather, I can never ever get any work done 🙂 It was lovely on Sunday, the weekend in total.. the sudden rains, the chill.. the winds.. but people have been falling ill as well.. I had a wonderful Sunday.. and a good 2 days of rest..


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