Wordy Wednesdays: An urge to unpack

I tried to unpack one book shelf today.

I have been hunting for a couple of books over the weekend, books of a particular genre. 98% of the time I am sure I do not have that genre, the genre of romance, but then what if I have a book, somewhere.. behind those rows of books… my hunt continues..

You enter my room and you’ll notice that I have a lot of books. 3 wall shelves full of books, shelved and stacked in different ways, another rack full, another wall shelf full. Now there are books even on loft. To say I have a thing for books, will be an understatement. But, yes and there is a but, I also have a thing for choosing just what is visible as well, and as a result ignore what lies behind on these shelves.

And as I began to hunt the books on the shelf near the window, I realized there were more books towards the back as well.Β I took out 37 books and dusted them of cobwebs. Most of them were in the genre of the thriller. They included police procedural, inspector and detective tales, espionage and underworld mafia. There were a few travelogues of tales on the motorbike, trekking trips and cross country rides.

No, it was not that I woke up with the thought to unpack this shelf. I was looking out for a suitable book for my book partner at a group. None of these seem close to her choice of genre for the year. I may have to research her genre for a few books..

But this exercise made me realize that I need to unpack more, unpack every corner of my room, then may be I can also start unpacking my self πŸ˜› :P.

I kind of had this urgency to know the books behind the front row of books on that shelf today. Some thing very similar to what the 17th century Europeans got themselves during the Enlightenment years.. a taxonomic urge to survey, they surveyed their land, their colonies, their fields, nature and homes.

I surveyed my shelves, made lists of the book contents, so that nothing in those parts, even in the corners of this wall shelf is unknown to me. No, no casper is hiding there, but if he were to, I would have known .. πŸ™‚ (hopefully :P)

I tried to unpack one book shelf today. And mind you, it is hard work πŸ˜‰



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