Microblogging Mondays: Ramblings #16 The Lent Routine …

Come February 16, a vast majority of the Syrian Christians in Kerala will be on their way to observe the holy lent for 50 long days before Easter like every year… Unlike the global 40 days, we do not take off the Sundays.

For me, personally, it has always a question of what to take off or take in, as vegetarianism which is usually the norm during the period,does not count.

If vegetarianism was the case indeed, then I will be observing lent all year round as the basic food at this hostel and around in this state is vegetarian. I think, this practice would have begun as a dietary regulation so that Christians will take off meat. Similar is the case with Keralites who take off non vegetarian food during the month of July-August, and eat foods that rejuvinate the body; a practice that originated during agrarian times to give the body a refresher.

Under the circumstance, I try other ways and means that need a little more than a few days of attention and a few that have been making the rounds of temptations …and that will carry over for 50 days. A set of practices, weekly, works for me, brilliantly.

Microblog_Mondays50 days is a long time to follow a rule, but not that long either. Boredom sets in easily because once I decide to take off or take in something I take off and in and follow it to the T, there is absolutely no looking back.

So what is lent if there is no hint of the slightest temptation. It is when temptation peeps in that the lent becomes adventurous.

A lent routine begins again today. 50 days.


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3 thoughts on “Microblogging Mondays: Ramblings #16 The Lent Routine …”

  1. I don’t know….if there are restrictions, I feel like breaking them. We have the simple restriction to avoid garlic, onion and other strong smell vegetables on Amavasya and invariably I feel like eating them on that day. I eat them too 😛

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  2. first of all .. ALL The best ..

    restrictions I dont believe in that because I dont beleive GOD told us and gave us all this. do this and i will do that , or do that etc etc etc
    I believe it is all man made 🙂 and someone sitting thousand of years ago made up a rule and so it continued ..

    Its Funny when people say oh don’t eat Meat before going to a Gurudwara.. so it is OK t ocome out and eat it .. or Eat for dinner and then go early morning .. to the temple HOW does that work .. the meat is still in your body .. 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on pins & ashes and commented:

    Another Lent Season begins, looking out for another routine, or mini routines to follow that comes by with a hint of a temptation!
    What are the options:
    1. Early to bed, early to rise
    2. No unnecessary arguments
    3. Stop blogging
    4. Don’t change the dp on whatsapp
    5. Read at least 500 words a day for leisure)
    6. Stop clicking pictures of food
    7. Use the phone to talk, alone
    8. Talk less

    There are many many more.. let’s see..


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