Ramblings # 15 & a Guest Post …

When Vins came up with the idea of a guest post, I said, why not guest post-s.. soon, there was a twinkle in our eyes, we were excited… now, we needed a common factor other than the fact that we were writing at each other’s blogs on the same Sunday of February … we took time out and chose a picture we clicked this week 😉

Leo writes ..


All distances in time and space are shrinking,
Maybe that is why I feel so near to you,
A friend many miles apart, yet always close,
Making this virtual world feel real too.

That fondness for books, handwritten notes,
Then there’s that sweet tooth we share,
Also a love for the written word that we blog,
And for each other’s happiness, that care.

For the nicknames that never make sense,
And yet, they have a reason and rhyme,
For the craziness that only we’d understand,
And for those unforgettable good times.

One day soon, that space will shrink more,
And be non-existent between us friends,
But we’ll always be nuts, as we are today,
And be close even after we meet our ends.


I’m proud to say, the convention at pins & ashes, if it becomes one, of guest posts begins with a post from this excellent poet-writer I admire, most of us admire for his rhyme and rhythm and dexterity with words, who is also a close friend. 😉


words meeting people,

people meeting people,

people meeting words..

and the journey continues…


When the blogging chinese nuts met, as we call ourselves … I haven’t had this much fun in a sari, on a day when it drizzled .. and I nearly missed the wedding of another friend I had come for to their city.. 🙂 Mins, Pins and Vins in that order from left to right

I met this boy via blogs. Blogging has given me many close friends. He is one among them. We were part of a blogging competition. We parted ways and came together again a year or two later, and renewed our friendship. I really don’t know where the real begins and the virtual ends anymore… or visaversa.. but, somewhere what begins and formed is a bond of being friends, true to each other.


And now the match.. India! India…………………………………


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3 thoughts on “Ramblings # 15 & a Guest Post …”

  1. So so beautiful words here…
    Totally agree to “where the real ends and virtual begins” – some friendships are made that way !! And I am super glad of this blogging world too, which has given me so many friends 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank u, UmaS 🙂 Glad you liked the words and found them beautiful. 😀

      Am super glad of blogging world for that very reason. I’ve befriended Pins twice 😀 The second time has been a permanent fixture 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Uma and Vinay…


    I have really no sense of where the real ends and the virtual begins or vice versa.. and most of my friends circle and many of the relationships I am in and keep have begun on a virtual plain… and there are so many on the real plane as well….

    it some new version of pen friends of the older days 🙂

    much love..


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