Ramblings #12 Film Review| Baby (2015)

I haven’t been so tired while watching a film in recent times. Baby.

It is hard to believe it is from the same director, Neeraj Pandey. The same director of A Wednesday (that was an awesome film) and Special 26 (again not comparable to A Wednesday but decently good). It is an espionage thriller written with the right intentions, but slow, very slow. And it seems as if everybody other than this 5 member team are good for nothing. Or are they 😛 😛 Taking down the biggest terrorist leader of the world.. could be.. how will I know, I only know what the media tells me, and the media is biased.. they are on their part selective in their dissemination!

The character of the wife!! her dialogues!! To some ultra slow action… Don’t ask! If somebody has liked the film and enjoyed it, do tell me why. Thank God for comfortable recliner couches in multiplexes..


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