Rambling #8 The Crow and the Pitcher

And I ramble about the crow who dropped pebbles into a pitcher of water.

It was out of the blue that I walked to the other part of the store. My friend Zzzzzz was already at the billing counter. That’s when I started to roam around the store, and found this.. crow9

I called out to my Zzzzzzz. I couldn’t take eyes off it. One object assembled so many stories from childhood. We started talking and discussing excitedly about it. We walked out of the store very happy at our find 🙂 crow 2

Here’s the story for those who had different stories from childhood from what I did.. it is from the aesop’s fables. one popularly anthologized story.

“A thirsty crow once found a pitcher with a little water in it. But when he tired to drink the water, he could not. crow 1The pitcher was tall and his beak didn’t reach the water.

The cleaver crow thought and hit upon a plan. He went on dropping pebbles into the pitcher. The water rose up to its neck and he quenched his thirst.

MORAL : Will finds the way”

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