Ramblings #7 Songs with food lyrics

Amrutham Gamaya.. they call themselves, they are sisters, Amrutha and Abhirami.. Amrutha popularly known as Amurtha Suresh shot into fame with the Idea Star singer in 2007/08, a music reality show in Asianet, one of the Malayalam Channels. So did her younger sister, Abhirami, who was an active kiddo as part of the audience.. soon she landed herself with a role in one of the serials for kids on the same channel.

It took a while for me to recognize that it was the sister. And it seems she has taken up acting as a profession, now that I search Google.. Song-wise, they make a good duo, the sisters, and the song.

The song is from a 1979 Malayalam film, Venalil Oru Mazha starring Srividya and Madhu directed by Sreekumaran Thampy. With Sreekumaran Thampy, it is a guarantee that the film would have lovely songs…  plus, this particular song describes food.

Ayala (Mackeral), karimeen (pearl eyed pomfret), chemeen (prawns)– are all names of sea food although I love karimeen and not Ayala and adore prawns.. the blend of this old songs with a kind of a happy Goan rhythm brings to it an additional liveliness. of course, one of my kind of songs..  🙂

Since I am still on Malayalan film songs with food lyrics.. another one, from a recent film, Salt and Pepper, directed by Ashiq Abu. This one film, we went to watch a big group, about 15 of us, and soon after went to a Malayalee restaurant to have a hearty typical Malayalee meal..

Rambling.. rambling on..

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