Ramblings #3 Kaantha…. Masala Coffee … Music Mojo

pakodasThe title sounds almost like a coffee break with onion bajji in the background of some music like on this plate.

Masala Coffee is a music band. Music Mojo is a programme that airs music bands on this channel named Kappa TV. Kaantha here is a song, an old song, a kind of folk song I think… This is one of its versions

Masala Coffee has come up with their version of this Kaantha, njaanum Varram for season three of music mojo

This is my song of the month, if not the year… to say I am addicted to it is an understatement… soooooper one, one full blast from Suraj Santhosh (lead singer) and Varun Sunil (band’s producer, vocalist and percussionist) .. 😀 😀 The routine goes something like this …I wake up to it, and go to bed at night after listening to it.

It seems like when I like something, I just love it.. to the point of may be I over love it.. Could be one of the reasons why most of the things I love just begin to look redundant after a point… too much of anything, as they say is poison., there needs to be a control..

Last year it was this one song from HariCharan, again at Music Mojo.

The original song was part of the Priyadarshan film Chitram starring Mohanlal and Renjini, Nedumudi Venu, released in 1988, I think. If my memory serves right, and I resist going to google for this bit of information, I think it is this song that won MG Sreekumar his first national award, not sure. Again, the songs bring back Sujatha, the singer to the industry after her hiatus.

Chithram is a Priyadarshan classic..

When I fall in love, that something becomes mine, in this context it is my song…. and it plays in the background for everything I do. This was the song last year along with Badtameez Dil . They gave me company when I was at work, when work became more hectic and they helped me to shut out all the other outside noises so that I could complete work as well…. they ran into loops and loops.. ahaa!

And this week, another band was added to the list of addictives.. Masala Coffee.. I love their name, for I am a coffee person, and masala the adjective, I think gives permission to create “Indian” if not any other variations and combinations to songs and new songs…



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11 thoughts on “Ramblings #3 Kaantha…. Masala Coffee … Music Mojo”

  1. It’s my fav too, right now! But I am very careful with what I love very much, forcefully staying away for some time so it never becomes stale 🙂 Thanks for sharing the original. I hadn’t heard that.

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