You should have seen me that day… As always I barged into the book store, looking around excitedly … for him. I had seen him turn right into this store  a moment ago. As I entered and scanned I spotted him; he was moving towards a book shelf following his li’l grandson. I called out his name and asked, “Can I get an autograph.”

He turned around, smiled and said, “But I don’t have a pen.” A few people who were seriously into reading the blurbs and trying to decide which book to buy, looked up at us irritated for we were a little loud. Some were curious at the commotion I was creating with this man in a white kurta pyjama. In turn, I was irritated at all of them for not recognizing him!

The man at the counter lent me his pen…

But in all this running into the store while trying to keep him in my line of sight through the packed airport premises after going through the security check, I realized I had no piece of paper with me. Not even a book was there in my bag!

I gave him my boarding pass, the only piece of paper I was holding to at that moment.

“Which side do they keep?” We figured that out together and he signed his name on the other side. gulzarI chatted with him for a minute or so, played along with his grandson for a few more minutes, bought a book for the flight journey and stood in my queue at my gate for boarding.

I was on cloud 100… beaming… beaming like those times when I’ve been at the Cochin airport and I would have spotted Mohanlal walking in for an early morning flight.. ahaaaaa! I would turn speechless and have this sheepish grin plastered on my face… and the man, my hero would look back at me and smile as he walks past … swooooooooooooooooooooooooooon! (mar gavaaaaa…. 😀 😀 😀 :D)

In a loop, one of Gulzar’s latest from Haider rendered by Arijit Singh


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pins & ashes

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