Window Chronicles – Pigeon

The muse for the day, flew in, laid eggs and sat warming her nest 🙂

I woke up to a pigeon sitting on the other side of the window over a particular red mud pot in the kitchen. When I moved towards the tap, she flew away, leaving behind her eggs for display.

WindowchroniclesTwo eggs.

Two tiny eggs.

Two tiny white eggs.

Two tiny white eggs in a bed of straw.

Two tiny white eggs in a bed of straw in a red mud pot.

Two tiny white eggs in a bed of straw in a red mud pot that looked similar to those laid by my little parrots at home.

Two tiny white eggs in a bed of straw in a red mud pot had no spots like that of the quail eggs we usually have for breakfast at home.

Two tiny white eggs in a bed of straw in a red mud pot that were white in colour and not blue like those of the mynahs.

The two tiny white eggs in a bed of straw in a red mud pot stood out. The colour combination of the white against the brown… I thought they had a little more commonsense, these pigeons, to lay their eggs in places surrounded with white paper for instance, so that they won’t be this starkly visible.

Every time I was there in the kitchen, she sat there looking at me, watching me move. I was near the sink washing my cup for my morning coffee. She looked at me I looked at her and I splashed a little water on the glass. She flew away. I opened the window and took a picture of the eggs. The sunlight was perfect this time, falling right where I wanted it to, and giving it that morning glow to the red of the pot. I moved a little closer to my stove. By the time I had finished boiling the water for my coffee, she was back, her back turned to me. I let her be.

I had stocked up to read three books this long weekend. But I knew where I would be these three days, sitting in the kitchen watching that her and her watching over her eggs …

WindowchroniclesThis time round, the window is plain glass, unlike the last time with the myanh.  And she runs away the moment I begin walking towards her especially if I have some water. She looks at me at times, she knows I am watching her.

Another pigeon sits on the floor over.. watching this one, the eggs and me.

Pigeons love the bedroom, they love the balcony as well. If I open a window and sleep the night, I could wake up to three or four pigeons staring at me 🙂


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25 thoughts on “Window Chronicles – Pigeon”

    1. Thank you vidhya .. 🙂 i like the way you describe your name vidhya with an h and sri without it. I kind of do the same with mine… i say it is spelt with a s but prnounced sh as in ship 🙂


      1. Well, they are supposed to be slightly pinkish cream, from what I remember… but then again, been too long a time since I saw one myself. But yeah, I do remember that they are not white.


      1. I should have… just been too lazy over the weekend! 😛 BTW, the only time I was actually active enough to come over, your phone wasn’t working… so…


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