And I stopped at petrichor … that’s how muses walk in .. ;)

And the way it sounds… I think if I was encountering it for the first time and no dictionary or MJ or google near by I would have thought of p e t r i c h o r as if it were a chore

and chores are bad news any day 😛 the way we pronounce the “ch” before the “ore” with that kind of emphasis, it kind of sounds and feels like a compulsion 😛 just say it aloud, you’ll see what I mean… that energy that goes in to say it translates into … something of a negative-ness to it 😛

c h o r e……

may be a chore with an adjective to enhance its meaning …. petrichor could be a bigger chore… how big depends on what petri means…

In that sense doesn’t petri sound close to multi as a result could mean … many .. or

petrichora multitude, for instance… and therefore a multitude of chores… I would have been convinced of this association of petri and chore and also would have come up with an image…  😛 😛

p e t r i c h o r means a m u l t i t u d e  o f c h o r e s.

And the image would look like

…. a heap like the image to your right …

a huge heap of work piled up like a pyramid somewhere that needs re-assembling ahaaa!! .

It could be like that image in a mirror room that goes on and on and on and never ends unless we step out of the room……

petrichor where the ‘e’ of the chore is missing, the letter “e” could be the key out of the mirror room of the heap of work we need to complete…

if that is the order of meaning … doesn’t the picture below look and feel very petrichor-ish 🙂petrichor e

in many ways it could add layers to or more words to explain the meaning of the heap…. heap could be a clutter, an assortment of multiple known and unknown things like on the table… they need to be cleared off the table… and arranged elsewhere where they will be useful 🙂 such as the cups, bottles and deo go into their shelves ….

Just imagine the fun we could have had without an organized book like the dictionary.. we do not run into chaos with it around and are legible to each other… moat of the times, nobody can play around with petrichor like that… unless on a blog or in some personal chat …

Meaning of Petrichor in English, says Oxford Dictionary: “a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather

Petrichor, a word I learned one summer from a somewhere when I used it in every sentence when it rained a few days later…

I stopped at petrichor in his post on uniappams

It was there in the second line of his story “Not Really a Goodbye” .. and the word brought back memories, …of the soil, of the air, that wavy-ness of the chill breeze, the swaying of the branches of taller trees…… that tiny drop that fell on my arm and then when it drizzled…

Petrichor…, I stopped there and it transported me else where to the scent of the parched earth.. an earth that was dry for long, so dry that it started throwing out dust as we walked… and we walked on until it showered… we were wet…
I stopped at petrichor.. but does that word sound anywhere close to rain or the lovely scent of the earth that it produces….. to an uninitiated, it would mean chores… for sure…. petrificatory accompanied by chorish..  petrifyingchorish indeed 😛 😛

#incoversationwithLeo and

the muses walked in carrying the word petrichor


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