How I wish I had a muse…

I wish I had a muse.. a muse who could inspire me to write more blog posts.. a muse who could just pick up topics for me to just write on.. that is why I like memes .. a friend recently told me it sounds like jeans…. memes – jeans

Now I get it why those poets and writers had their muses..

Who can be mine.. is it the kite on the tree outside.. or squirrel rolling there out of sight..

I envy those people who can go on writing and writing day in and day out.. where there is no shortage of topics to write one…

how I wish I had a muse.. ya! or imitate somebody! but this stupid ego I carry does not allow me to be anything but creative about things ya!

Meh! ya!


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20 thoughts on “How I wish I had a muse…”

  1. “Vaayadi Pennu” – “Blabbermouth/Chatterbox Girl” if I got the translation right…

    Wonder why you’d ever need a muse, other than to get sympathetic comments like the ones up above: “Don’t worry. You’ll find one soon”, etc.!!!

    Stop this attention-seeking behaviour, Achu! 😛


  2. Oh, by the way, meme sounds like gene, not like jean (which has two ways of pronounciation depending on whether it is direct French derivative or not, and then also whether it is masculine or feminine).

    The meme–gene association comes because the man who coined the word ‘meme’ is Richard Dawkins, a famous geneticist – and also a former (I think, former) proponent of militant atheism.

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    1. There you go, now you have given me an idea for yet another post. The muse of the day is you…. Sai buddy 🙂 thank you… somebody is definitely up there who reads my blog or I’m lucky to have muses walk in every day with a topic in hand .. or .. 🙂 😀

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    1. Yeahh… a British physicist who also presents some science programs on BBC or some other English/British TV channels, right? Kinda like the British Neil deGrasse Tyson, I think… I saw him once or twice on QI, btw.


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