Window Chronicles – Mynah

I think there are enough and more posts on mynahs on this blog..  because this campus seems to be their home; the authority with which they walk into a space is amazing, the confidence they have and how they weed their way within crowds, corridors…Same with pigeons.. but that will be another post.

They walk in to a mess hall, survey the premises, hop, skip, jump on to the tables and chairs… and if food on a plate lies unguarded some where some time when the owner walks to the cooler to get herself a glass of water, they will come near it. and if they are hungry.. they are sure to have a treat from our plates. Mynahs on campus

I can see them from my window perching on the lower branches of the trees that surround my room. They mostly love playing on the ground though, and rarely do they fly up to my floor and hover next to my window. But some sun birds do.. in some burst of energy, they shoot up wards to the upper floors.. and stand flapping their wings at some atrocious speed feel tired and they just fall down.

But I think my moment of utter joy came that day, when I folded those bamboo curtains in the afternoon and saw two mynahs on the window ledge on the other side of the sealed windows of my hotel room.

Initially, there was this mynah sleeping.. I sat and watched until the friend came with food and woke him/her up. Afterwards they played around on the ledge, hopped from one side to the other, peeped into the room once in a while and flew way.

I’m so sure they did not realize I was there on the other side of the glass watching them, sometimes through the lens of a camera.. I waited for them the next day, keeping my work aside. This time, I had to wait and I thought may be they wouldn’t turn up until one of them came in for the nap..   Delhi Mynahs

I just realized I was lucky to eavesdrop into their noon routine on the window ledge.


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6 thoughts on “Window Chronicles – Mynah”

  1. Hmmm well a comfortable window sill for sure..

    Lovely pics. . I have this big fat pigeon that comes every day to the garden to have his few drops of water. . And it does not care if I am there..


    1. Oho.. do u have a problem with the pigeon giving you bhavv 😛 😛 i had a set of lovely pigeons who used to sit on the outer ledge of the ac column, and every night … but they stink ya! badly!


  2. oh. we have two geese and a turkey on campus 🙂 being a green campus, we get our share of wildlife. cats, dogs, bees, butterflies, mynahs, rabbits and snakes… the geese are quite shy though. don’t stand still for a second 😛

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