Vidhya’s food tag :)

Vidhya has tagged me and I find the 13 questions she asked can each stretch into a longer post. Some of the answers already have a post in here, somewhere. So, why not take that as an opportunity and follow a post a day and bring in some of the food tales for a rainy day using the tag. But first, a few answers.. right away..

Question 9: I confess that I am a foodie, who relishes food, more than I cook, but love to cook as well but more than both the relishing and the cooking, I love to click pictures of food. If you are my friend on FB, you will already know that with my changing cover pictures of food and food tales. Or just look at the headers of this blog..   

Question 1: I think the first dish I cooked, away from home, was a dish with lady’s finger (bhindi/okra/vendekka), a side dish for my flatmate and friend who had to take lunch to office daily. At that time, neither of us knew how to cook side dishes with vegetables or with anything other than egg for that matter. Since we had to make something, we were off to the market that day and there we found some bhindi lying in a basket in a shop. We randomly collected a few, to which the shopper keeper who understood that we were first timers at buying this particular vegetable, said “break them to see whether they are tender.” We did, bought about half a kg home, along with some shallots, and green chillies. And I dailled MJ.

With instructions over the phone, I made a bhindi fry, a la mezhurkuperatti… as we call it in some parts of Kerala with the help of my mother. And this was the first step to cooking on the gas stove for a meal and it became a ritual of the evening for as long as she and I stayed together and she was part of that company.

Question 6: To answer what my folks like best from me, they love my cakes, cookies and breads or anything that comes out of the oven. I’ve been watching my mother bake as long as I can remember and in turn she taught me how to while I was in class 3 or 4.

Question 8: Did you mention disasters Vidhya, I was so impatient during those years that I used to open the oven door as soon as it said end, and the risen cake would come out with a hole in the centre 😛 To resist that temptation, because that child in me still exists, these days I make it a point to bake at night so that I will be asleep dreaming about cakes the time the oven says end 😛 saves the cake 🙂

Question 6: (cont.. ) I was in turn assigned by MJ to make the 4 o clock snacks at home during weekends and holidays and to add to the proud moment, my little brother looked forth to every dish I made. As recent as last year during a holiday, he asked for things like pancakes and rasagullas I used to make during those days.. rasagullas.. they make fodder for another post 😛

As a team, we have made our own egg recipes, and sandwiches and prepared a three course snacky meal for our parents when they returned from a trip one evening. After the initial shock that the 10 and 6 year old handled the gas and oven without supervision, they relished the meal.

Those were the days of cooking standing on chairs overlooking the gas stove.. and popping a surprise for MJ and DJ especially as a dish along with the evening coffee.. in the shape of a cookie or a cupcake or a bread stuffed with the days dishes 🙂

Question 4: On comfort food.. well I love a plate of rice, kaalan, beef ollathu. Or it could be a plate of rice, kaalan or kadala curry, or it could be a plate of bread and eggs, or it could be a plate of sausages, or bacon, or could be dosa, or paratha or appam and mutton stew or idiappam with egg roast… it could be pancakes with some honey if not maple syrup… or a bar of silk.. you get the drift don’t you.. I eat almost everything on my plate, without much fuss.. so that when I indeed make a fuss, MJ says, the food is really bad!

That yellow liquidy thing is kaalan. The rest is one beef ollathu, mutton korma, beef cutlets, cabbage, rice, pickle ... a picture of my comfort food
That yellow liquidy thing is kaalan. The rest from left to right beef ollathu, mutton korma, chicken fry, beef cutlets, cabbage, rice, pickle … a picture of my comfort food, a traditional kerala non vegetarian meal.

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