Day 18 :) :)

It has been 17 days in a row, and 17 posts.


In their annual report the next year, WordPress would say, this is the longest I have posted continuously. On varied topics. I’m glad.

Good going, a pat on my back for writing, reading and for commenting and liking. Pat on the back for all of us who have posted consistently these 18 days and read as many posts.

Some of the highlights, during these 17 days, I have ordered 3 books recommended in the posts of some of the bloggers, drooled over dishes at food blogs, enjoyed mommy tales, birthday party tid bits, and stories of children… spontaneous outburst, two year long tags, about the delurking day for bloggers. more about naming ritual.. about travel trips and tips..

Happy Sunday everyone. To new insights, new blog discoveries, new mates, new posts and loads of interaction. This interaction is the reason why I love this place and keep coming back to blogging almost all the time 🙂


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