Our Reaction …

downloadThis popped up in two groups in whatsapp a few days ago. True, and I agree.

However, isn’t no reaction also a reaction such as silence is. I sometimes feel they are the best forms of getting back at someone waiting for a reaction, as situation and the people are powerless without a reaction 😛 😛 😛


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12 thoughts on “Our Reaction …”

    1. do that .. 🙂 and I feel, that those who just go on venting unnecessarily.. are the ones who are on the wrong footing… therefore they do, and their need to state something and therefore provoke.. If we don’t have anything to prove.. why even bother! let them be, silence be the answer! As far as situations are concerned, sometimes we may just fall into them unknowingly… handle it in the best way we can, so that we get out of it unhurt. I find that a very sane act.


      1. All that done, I’m not saying I keep quiet. I am one short tempered woman, but I find that as I have grown up, I have grown to restrain my temper as well, and learnt to choose when and how to react and for what reasons and stay calm in other cases 🙂


    1. That I agree.. absolutely. This is a constant conversation I have with my parents, that you people brought me up too civil and courteous that it is difficult to abuse somebody who is rude in bad language, like they do.. !!

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      1. My parents also brought me up to be a very civil guy… but I learnt way too many cuss words on my own as early as in the seventh grade that others in my class used to come up to me to ask what the new words I learnt that week were.

        It is not just how your parents raised you, but also how curious you are that finally determines what you learn and how much of it you learn, Aswathi! So, stop blaming them for your own shortcomings. 😀

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          1. Aaaahhh… well, that depends more on the kinda friends you make when you are an teenager or in college, really. I had enough of those who wouldn’t mind a cuss-word session.

            Besides, when I said “learnt”, I meant learnt how to use them in common speech, not just their dictionary meanings. God, you sound as if people learn these words like prepping for a vocab test or something! :/


  1. Well… not commenting on a blog post – silence for such fora – is what kinda reaction then? Seeing the number of visitors go up, and no comments from the regular commentors even?

    I think that is what everyone should have done for this one at least… 😛


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